On the occasion of the Chinese New Year and as a tribute to the year of the Dog, Julien Marinetti takes over Le Village Royal with his iconic Doggy John and his friends.

The artist considers dogs to be dynamic, sensitive and sincere. Doggy John is an emblem of Julien Marinetti’s work.

Bâ the Panda was created in 2012 in tribute to the animal which has particular cultural resonance in Asia. The panda exudes wisdom and that is reflected in his poise, sitting in expectation and reflection like a Buddha, prefiguring Julien Marinetti’s latest creation in 2018.

The artist views The Buddha as a totemic, universal symbol of peace and joy. Representations of Buddha are highly significant in Asian culture. Sculptures of the deity symbolise prosperity, luck and wealth, particularly in China.

Starting February 7th 2018, stroll and meet Ba the Panda and discover his latest creation The Buddha.

Julien Marinetti (b. 1967, Paris) is a painter, sculptor, engraver and designer. He is inspired by various periods of art history and is particularly interested in creating an amalgamation of ancient and modern techniques.

Each bronze is treated like a support or canvas, with multiple built-up of layers of acrylic paint from which he creates figurative scenes. The artist regards color and figuration as two fundamental elements of his practice. The sculpture is lacquered with successive layers of varnish, creating a visual intensity and strength.

When encountering his work, viewers are encouraged to explore a two-dimensional painting on a three-dimensional object, revealing different dimensions of the scene as one moves around the piece. Each artwork is unique.

His artwork has been exhibited worldwide. Major public placements include Paris, New York, London, Singapore…